The Hellenic Odyssey In-house Greek Cooking Class

With a proud Greek heritage, we are driven by philotimo (a Greek word translating to filos meaning friend and timi meaning honour). For us, it simply means to do the right thing and to give to others. Through our in-house Greek cooking class, we want you to experience a truly extraordinary Hellenic Odyssey.

In House Greek Cooking Class

Whatever your appetite, a culinary experience provides something for everyone.

The Hellenic Odyssey has all the ingredients to create a unique culinary experience for you and your guests.

Sit back and let us look after you.


What’s included?

A 3-4 hour cooking class at your Verve Vacation Rental home

Fresh and authentic ingredients supplied by us

Hands on experience and valuable insights into Greek cuisine from a passionate home cook

A mouth watering experience of Mediterranean diet and lifestyle through delicious food with one glass of wine included

Recipe book so that you can prepare these dishes yourself

A thank you gift



Classes can be tailored to your individual requirements and are priced accordingly. Please contact us for a quote. 

For 4 - 8 guests only.

For Booking Enquiries, or call 03 9866 4922