Touch of Peace Massage

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, romantic getaway, girl's weekend away, hen's party or just enjoy a massage in your own accommodation then touch of peace massage therapies is your answer! Our massage therapists are not just trained and professional, but caring and committed to offering you the best massages you will experience on the mornington peninsula.

Relaxation Massage
Imagine a state of relaxation so deep that you may just fall asleep...drift away to another place while your body is gently and rhythmically encouraged to let go of every last remnant of tension...a massage of stress relieving bliss...but still with the pressure of your choice!

Deep Tissue Massage
A massage that is personally designed to relieve areas of stress and tension; easing tired muscles and promoting a relaxed feeling of wellness. This is a massage that provides stronger pressure for those areas that need it whilst still providing an overall feeling of relaxation. If you would like a massage that is overall much firmer and penetrating deeper into your muscles..then this is the one for you!

Couples Massage
Enjoy a beautiful relaxation massage whilst your partner or friend enjoys their own massage right alongside you! We will provide two therapists so that you may simultaneously enjoy the benefits of a stress-relieving massage in the comfort of your own home/accommodation.

Pregnancy Massage
One hour of bliss....relax while your body is soothed and massaged...relieving tired joints and muscles and restoring a feeling of peace and well-being.


Relaxation massage
- 60 minutes $120
- 75 minutes $140
- 90 minutes $175

Deep tissue massage
- 60 minutes $130
- 75 minutes $152
- 90 minutes $190

Couples massage
- 75 minutes $280
- 90 minutes $350

Pregnancy massage
- 60 minutes $120

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