Mornington Lodge

Melbournes Favourite Pet Lodge

Melbournes favourite Pet Lodge, offering the best quality accommodation for our guests.... from the smallest guest to the largest.

Shared accomodation
Shared accommodation your dog will be paired with a suitable compatible friend (fed separately at meal times). If you do not wish your dog to be paired with a friend, please advise at the time of booking. Availability will be subject to vacancies and single accommodation daily charges will apply.
- Town house appartments
- The BNB
- The Studio 
- The Fluffy House
- The Executive Suites

Individual accomodation
- Town house appartments 

Grooming: We are happy to organise a visit to Petorium for a full pampering spa and groom during your pet’s visit. 

Hydrobath & Blow dry: All guests who have been with us for 3 days or more receive a warm shampoo, conditioning rinse and blow dry before going home. 

* All accommodation is heated in the winter and provide beautiful views of the surrounding countryside to ensure a very enjoyable stay with us. 


Town house appartments
- Shared accomodation- $33.00 per day (small guests up to 10kg)
- Shared Accommodation- $44.00 per day (medium to large guests)
- Individual Accommodation- $49.00 per day (any size guest)
-Shared Accommodation $44.00 per day (small guests up to 10kg)
The Studio
- Shared Accommodation $44.00 per day (small guests up to 10kg)
The Fluffy House
- Shared Accommodation $44.00 per day (small guests up to 10kg)
The Executive Suites
- Shared Accommodation $49.00* per day (medium to large guests)
- Please contact Petorium direct on 59 75 48 47 for pricing. 
Hydrobath and Grooming
- A one off fee of $25 - $45


For Booking Enquiries, or call 03 9866 4922