Ian Curley Recipes

Culinary Delights made easy! Famous chef Ian Curley has teamed up with Verve offering some of his signature recipes. Simply choose your favorite dish and all the ingredients and your step by step recipe will be available on check in. Easy!

  1. Grain Salad with Halloumi and pomegranate dressing
  2. Grilled Prawn Caesar, Caprino and zesty yoghurt dressing
  3. Heirloom tomato, radish and Cashmere Curd flatbread
  4. Hot smoked Salmon and brown rice salad
  5. Mayo-roasted Chicken with Waldorf salad and tarragon
  6. Smoked Lamb racks with caramelised pear salad
  7. Seared Tuna, zucchini and lemon salad with green olive smash
  8. Pineapple carpaccio
  9. Plum tarte tatin
  10. Strawberries and Cream

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